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Gardenscapes Tips & TricksGardenscapes is the most popular puzzle game which is popular among kids and the teenagers also. It is the real-time based game. You have to play this game with the Austin, the butler, and a funny dog. It is a complete story-line. It the addictive game. Once you get interested in this game, you will not stop yourself to play this game.

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You can play this game online on Facebook and also offline on your smart device. In this game, the stars are essential. A player should have to complete the puzzle and collect the stars those stars are then used to rebuild the garden. Some levels are comfortable, but as levels increases, it becomes more challenging to clear those levels.

Some Tips & Tricks of Gardenscapes Game

Gardenscapes tips and tricks will help you to complete the difficult levels. Below are some tips which will help you to achieve the level:

  • Firstly focus on which kind of piece you need more. Simultaneously take advantage of that rainbow blast. For, eg, if you need 25 number of leaves then try to bring a sheet near the rainbow blast. It will help you to collect some leaves.
  • In few levels, gnomes are under the green tiles. Collect those trolls by removing those green tiles by matching the same pieces around them twice. The simplest way to remove those green tiles is to use the dynamites, bombs and firecrackers. Focus them to collect them. Join 4 or more pipes to get those
  • Bring the lemonade down by joining 3 or more tiles vertically. Place the lemonade where it is needed.

These are some tips to play Gardenscape game. Some tricks help you to play this game smartly and easily. Usually player ran out of the lives while playing this game. If you fail to complete the level it will recommend you to buy experiences. A player has to spend 900 coins to purchase only five lives. So, instead of paying 900 coins, a player should try to achieve their goal in given number of moves. All the un-used moves become the power-ups and help you to score high.

Gardenscapes Hack

A player will get the reward in the mailbox. They should check the inbox. Instead of wasting many coins to buy lives save them to make your garden beautiful. Buy attracting garden décor with those coins.  A player will have limited number of boosters. Use them wisely.

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