The Top Loved Features of 9Apps


The Top Loved Features of 9Apps

Have you ever used 9apps or are you using it? if yes then you may know that this is the best applications or what we can say is marketplace whi9ch can provide millions of apps. This is the most used platform these days and still now, it’s not that old so this is hard to believe that around 4years old application gained this much fame. There are 200 millions of active users and this number can amaze everyone. Well, this is the reason that every user needs to try this application. There are some more benefits you can know about but first of all you need to know the top loved benefit. The main benefit of using is its small size. The size of this application is 3 MB. This means that your smartphone won’t lag in any conditions. This is really hard to believe that this small size application has too many features.

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User-Friendly Interface

If an application isn’t easy to use than most of the people uninstall it and this is the reason that there are many crappy applications available which have very few downloads and bad ratings. The reason that 9apps get into the trend is it’s easy to use interface. Indians use only 9 apps out of the 33 installed Everyone can get started with its use because this app provides you an icon to do everything. The requirement to start using this application is android 4.2 as the minimum. If your smartphone is running on higher configuration then there is no need to worry about this thing. The interface of this interface has very low visual effects which made this application to run smoother with ease. If you start to use this application for a single time then you won’t delete it ever due to its effectiveness.


Downloading Banned Applications And Games

Everyone feel curious about the banned things and this is the same with smartphone apps and games. Well, you are able to play the awesome game which is banned on the google play store due to security issue even there isn’t an issue with the app. There are many applications which can provide you likes, follows and comments on social media but these applications are banned claiming that these aren’t safe. Well, most of the people want to use such applications but these aren’t available on google play store so you need to find the alternative to download it and 9apps is the best one in this situation. You can avail it with the help of this marketplace. Install Apps from the Play Store Without Gapps You have the option of downloading every kind of app you want to use. Just browse through the category and download the stuff you want to.

Moreover; you are able to download apps which provide movies and songs in free. Indian app market on high-growth trajectory Finding such apps on google play store isn’t possible but you can get these applications on this platform. The number of applications on this platform is much more than google play store. So, you must have to try this and start using it.