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car lovers

Car lover’s Quotes

Beautiful, classy and stylish are the words that are used for cars. A car is like your friend for your daily drive car love quotes . It is a perfect mate for covering long distances. Moreover, your car is all you can show to impress people. People who love cars consider them more than just a metal. It is like a dream come true for them. Car drivers fall in love with their cars and make


them the love of their lives.

A man opening a car door means either it’s a new car or has got a new wife.

I don’t drive to reach my destination but I drive because I get to enjoy my favorite place.

Money cannot buy happiness but it can a Car and that’s all I want.

Beautiful paths can only be discovered by driving in yo

ur own car.

My passion for the car is everything to me. I cannot imagine my days without it.

Auto Lovers

Men love only three things; Car, women and sports.

I am grateful for the great invention ‘A Car’. My days have

car lovers

become memorable with my Car. I love each and every ride in it.

I have always been asked the question: What do you like? I reply ‘ A Car


I have a heart as big as my Car lover is.

I love driving my car. Whether its day or night; every journey becomes delightful.

Your mind works better when you are driving. You think well, you feel good and become motivated to do good. And this all depends upon the Car you own. My car is all I ever wanted in my life.

A car is like an animal with thousand of interesting features. I own an animal that is fierce and quiet at the same time.


I can sense a warmth and snug feeling by sitting in a car. I feel like sitting in my living room with my friends or family and reaching the desired place in no time.

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